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Assessment Information for Parents

Clinton City Schools students participate in state assessments, as well as, district and classroom assessments. All students in grades 3-6 participate in state testing for reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

At the district level, all students in grades K-6 participate in the iReady reading and mathematics adaptive diagnostic assessment three times a year. Parents will receive parent reports of their child's iReady assessment results. This assessment identifies student instructional levels by skill (phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary, high-frequency words, vocabulary, comprehension, numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, and data). This information is used to differentiate instruction at the classroom level, and it is also used to place students in the online iReady instruction lessons. Students practice with online iReady reading and mathematics lessons in their classroom. Students may also use the iReady program at home. Students that are identified as below grade level in reading or math are given Easy CBM assessments and survey level assessments to identify the appropriate interventions needed to support their learning. At the classroom level, teachers use a variety of methods to assess student learning. More information about iReady can be found on the Testing and Student Evaluation Page.

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